Notes at Low Tide

My name is Brittni and I’m spending the summer on the Northumberland Strait. On this blog, I’ll be logging my observations of a nearby tidal pool.

Welcome to Notes at Low Tide! This page represents a commitment to a summer-long project that I’ve been dreaming about since last year: a daily (or as close as I can get) survey of the same tidal pool.

It will be a casual survey (as I’m just a regular citizen, not a marine biologist) focused on three main observations:

  1. Basic information such as time, weather conditions, and any changes observed in the tidal pool itself or the surrounding beach.
  2. What kind of creatures and plants are in this tidal pool? How many of each (plentiful, moderate, sparse) and what kind of variation will there be throughout the summer?
  3. What kind of human-made debris is in the tidal pool? Will the amount of garbage and washed-up materials increase over the summer? How is this debris affecting the tidal pool, if at all?

I plan to log my notes here on a weekly basis. I will keep sketches as well as written notes, and add relevant photos. The format may change over time as I develop my notetaking process, but I’ll try to stay focused on the three areas of observation listed above.

I ask that if you use any of the information or images from this online notebook, that you credit Brittni Brinn and this blog page. Thanks for stopping by!

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